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Enter the Lich November 22, 2008

Posted by chan in PC, Reviews.

Unlike my counterparts I play WoW… Before any judgements are made I have a valid reason…. I have no life and my school is on strike so i have a lot of time… Anyways thought I am a bit late on the WoW:WotLK review train I figured I would do a quasi-weekly review of whats new and neat with the game or random WoW knowledge that may or may not be useful to you all.

This Week: Enter the DEATH KNIGHT

So yea the most anticipated update in the new expansion if the introduction of the Death Knight Class. For all of you who don’t know what a Death Knight is, they are:

The fearsome death knight, World of Warcraft’s first Hero class, is not your average adventurer seeking to prove his or her worth on Azeroth’s fields of battle. No longer servants of the Lich King, they begin their new calling as experienced, formidable adversaries, heavily armed and armored and possessing an arsenal of deadly and forbidden magic learned in the Lich King’s thrall. [Blizzard]

The Death Knights are essentially those heroes who have walked a similar path to the tragic hero Prince Arthas who fell into the control of the Lich through the corruption of his pure heart and love for his country. So anyways the game play from Lich has changed very little from that of its predecessors but one major improvement I have seen is the story direction and how it is alot more involving for the player (at least as a Death Knight).

But yea, I’ll post more about my experience as I play on but all in all it has been a good start.

EDIT: The ball is in your court Brian… lol



1. unltd - November 22, 2008

I refuse!. i’m on hiatus. don’t tempt me.

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