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Dattebayo Stops Fansubbing Naruto November 23, 2008

Posted by annson in Anime.

So as the title suggests, Dattebayo is officially stopping Naruto Shippuden subs. Taken from MangaHelpers.com

“Dattebayo announced today that they will cease fansubbing Naruto Shippuden starting January 15, 2009 due to the availability of the latest episode playing in Japan being offered with subtitles by Viz on Hulu, Joost, Crunchyroll, and Naruto.com. Interacii posted on behalf of the fansubbing group Dattebayo that they will permanently stop fansubbing Naruto with episode 91, which coincidentally is the first episode Dattebayo, known back then as Anime-Heaven, “officially” started subbing Naruto back in July 2004.” Read More Here.

So there you have it. Viz is going to be streaming free english subbed Naruto Shippden episodes on the Naruto.com website. Here’s what Viz’s press release said.

“Beginning on January 15th the latest episode of the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (English-subtitled) animated series will be available for free viewing on the ultimate destination for anything NARUTO – the official NARUTO website, www.naruto.com, within days of its original airdate in Japan. A new English-subtitled episode will be added every Thursday thereafter.” For more info go to here.

So there you have it boys and girls looks like Viz has finally decided to do something that REAL fans would appreciate. Now if they only did that for manga too then I think life would be good.



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