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Quick Review: Blackberry Bold, Bigger, Better, MORE EXPENSIVE November 24, 2008

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Blackberry Bold 9000 Series

Blackberry Bold 9000 Series

I have been the proud owner of a Blackberry Bold for some time now and I gotta say it’s a nice piece of high class gadgetry. It takes a step back from the business class and aims itself dead center between the eyes of LUXURY. there are several design elements on this phone that screams classy in a very tasteful semi-conservative design. Overall 8.5/10.

Lets start with the exterior of the phone. It is classic tuxedo black surrounded with a satin stainless steel treatment. The more interesting design element is the back cover for the battery. At first it looks like it is made of leather! Quickly you realize that it is plastic but still, thought at fist I thought it would be a bit strange but it is actually very nice and the texture gives you a bit more grip. The screen and main buttons are made quite well out of a glossy yet scratch resistant plastic (Note: I bought an Invisible Shield as soon as I could BEST $25 I EVER SPENT)

The software… Though it is definitely pretty (serious visual improvements in OS 4.6) to look at when I first got my hands on it I have to admit, I had a lot of headaches. The cause was what can only be explained as a memory leak, basically I would have to perform a hard reset every once and a while to make sure everything was running smooth. As always with time came updates and slowly this issue has been resolved so I am dealing with it less and it runs a lot more consistently now. Other than that I was quite happy to see that RIM has made a move towards entertainment. The media center now runs much better in my opinion and has a look to match the Bold, and they actually included games (but who really plays anything other than BRICKBREAKER?!).

Lastly my opinion of the hardware… Nothing special… No offense to the Crackberry addicts, it is a great advancement of the Blackberry line but there is nothing that is seriously groundbreaking other than a verrrrrrry long feature set. Things like geotagging, Stereo Bluetooth support, WiFi, the list really does go on. But lets be honest who actually uses all those features?! Most people see the description and go “Oh it has a lot of features so it must be better?! It makes me sad when people go “It can do that?!”

So do I hate the phone? on the contrary I love it but that is only because i was already a Blackberry user since the days of the of the Gen 1Pearl, but I somehow feel that it’s not polished and not what RIM promised the Bold would be, which was an iPhone killer and it really isn’t WiFi seems to be slower, the browser is not as powerful as the Mobile Safari, firmware seems unstable because it does crash quite a bit under heavy use. Most annoying thing is, and it is not limited to the Bold, is the craptacular battery life. I mean i understand it is 3G and GPS but why put a battery in that can’t sustain your features?! I can barely get past a day without it warning that my battery is low. Oh technology, why do you have to be my weakness?!



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