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WELCOME TO HEARTBREAK. But not really… November 25, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Music, Reviews.
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MONDAY sees the release of Kanye West’s latest endeavour into music. His latest album, 808s & Heartbreak, shows a different side to the producer slash rapper. This time around he sings and makes heavy use of Auto-Tune. At first it’s weird, but it is as catchy as fish. This album grows on you the more you listen to it. As of right now, I think every song on this album is amazing. The production value is amazing, as is expected from Yeezy, and it’s full of catchy hooks. His singing isn’t the greatest though. It’s actually pretty bad on some songs, like ‘Robocop’. As well, the subject matter of this album is a lot deeper. Almost all the songs have to do with heartbreak, or lost love, very emo hahah. All in all, an excellent album. A bit on the short side with only 12 tracks, but each one is done to perfection (as those who’ve been following the progress of this album know from the multiple releases and leaks over the past few weeks). I can’t wait for his new cd supposedly being released in June 2009, on which he’ll be singing or rapping, no one knows yet. Keep your ears to the ground and buy this album! itunes KAWS cover art PS. I’m BACK homies. Look out for more posts, like right now.



1. annsonn - November 25, 2008


2. chan - November 25, 2008

good for you dude welcome back, how does the new page feel?

3. dude - November 26, 2008


4. spunky von spanielsburg - November 26, 2008

iunno about this one… his hooks are catchy but then i can’t help but feel apprehensive about his crazy use of the vocoder and autotune… he’s basically admitting that he can’t sing by using it. and singing to the same tune over and over 50+ times per song gets old pretty fast for me…

5. bigwok - November 26, 2008

love it or hate it, its influence is undeniable.

6. Apparently the Chinese are Democratic… « ohFLUX! - November 28, 2008

[…] along with the the other two albums from Kanye and The Killers, Guns N’ Roses also released an album. Yes. It is THAT album. The album 15 […]

7. epikliu - November 28, 2008

no heartbreaks here, it’s a change but “go ahead switch the style up, let the haters hate and watch the money pile up”.

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