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Making a Gundam November 26, 2008

Posted by annson in Random.

So out of pure bordom (well actually I saw THIS and then THIS and THIS and then THIS and THIS. I know its all in Japanese but I’m sure most of you should be able to figure it out by just watching it, it’s not that complicated. I was initially going to get a bigger one but then while in the store I remembered about the SD series. And since I’m watching Mobile Gundam 00 Season 2, I just had to get the main Gundam, Gundam 00 (“Double-Oh” Gundam), anyways ways. After about 6 hours or so I have everything primed and ready to paint, and of course I had to spend time sanding down edges and cutting parts of the pegs in the pieces (as shown in the video) so that the pieces come off easier so that its easier to paint. And after all that work all I have to show for it is the following :


That’s right guys. All that for just the head, too much work and time wasted. So i’ll need a break probably going to go play some TF2 or L4D and then some dota.





1. spunky von spanielsburg - November 26, 2008

imagine building some of those on a bigger scale… like the $200 per box models 1:44 or something scale hahaha.

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