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Apparently the Chinese are Democratic… November 28, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Music, Reviews.
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SO… along with the the other two albums, from Kanye and The Killers, Guns N’ Roses also released an album. Yes. It is THAT album. The album 15 years in the making. The longest awaited and most expensive album ever made! The liner notes credit 14 different studios in America. This is absolutely ridiculous. How does it take so long to release an album. I mean given the time frame, this album should be amazing. Sadly it doesn’t live up to the hype. The anticipation just kept building and we all kept waiting… And this is what we get.  A semi solid rock album? It starts out pretty good with the single and title track Chinese Democracy. However, the each subsequent track tends to get more dull, soulless, and overproduced. The album picks up a bit in the end with the slower tracks. However I think I use the term “a bit” rather loosely. The album definitely did not live up to the hype and anticipation. Maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could’ve because of the anticipation. It definitely doesn’t hold a light to the Appetite for Destruction. All in all a… uh… I’d like to say “decent” studio album, but maybe not… I feel as if it is mediocre at best. Nothing worth writing home about, but apparently I almost did.

*EDIT: Did I mention that Axl’s voice kind of went to shit? His is as annoying as ever and apparently this is the first of a trilogy of new albums. I CAN’T WAIT.



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