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MUJI AWARD 03 Results! December 1, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Design.

The winners for the MUJI AWARD 03 design competition were just recently announced. The theme this time around is “FOUND MUJI”. It required designers to take a new perspective on an already existing/everyday product. This competition attracted just under 2000 entries from 35 countries around the world between May and June. I was tempted to join this competition myself, but really couldn’t think of anything and was pretty busy with something, I forget. Some of these are kind of cool, but not as impressive as 01 and 02. Check out the winners after the jump.

Gold Prize: Straw Straw by Yuki Iida (Japan)

Using straw as in wheat straw to make drinking straws. There is no waste in this product. Kind of cool? Sustainable, I guess. Adding a wheat taste to all your drinks?

Silver Prize: Trash Pack for Outdoors by Ken Sugimoto/Eri Sugimoto (USA)

Using the triangle shape to make it selfstanding. Basically the title says it all.

Bronze Prizes (There are several):

Tachia Mat by Jung-Chen/Chia-en Lu (Taiwan)

Straw mats that are modified so they can be put on as fitted mattress covers.

Grandpa’s Nail Hook by Masashi Watanabe (Japan)

A nail that can be used anywhere and have the same angle and length!

Camelia Washing-Up Liquid by Huang Yi Tang (Taiwan)

Apparently some kind of waste product from tea and then ground into powder. It has antibacterial and odour eliminating properties. It also breaks down oil and does a good job at washing dishes. (!?!)

Second Skin by Jbaptiste Sénéquier (France)

One side is waterproof, the other is basically a towel. So this… lets you use it as a towel or a poncho.

A Precise Stapler by Joonhyn Kim (South Korea)

This one is pretty cool. It’s a staple with a groove for your paper so you know exactly where the staple is going to go.


I wish I entered… or at least tried to. I love Muji. The End.



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