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Classic Italian Icon – The Ferrari Daytona December 2, 2008

Posted by chan in Cars.
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This is your late Top Gear update this week, because I have been busy working on other things but it is here none the less. Now before I spill the details about this weeks show I have a question for the readers, and it is this “Is there still passion built into Italian super cars, or has it been lost in all the BLING?” Episode summary after the jump.This week’s Top Gear round-up:

  • Jeremy takes a ride in the Lexus IS-F to see if it can live up to beat the current 4-door champion, the BMW M3
  • Richard attempts to do some public service by finding out which kind of bus is best fit for the commuting citizens in London… by racing them… yea…
  • The Cool Wall is updated finally with a shocking ending!?
  • To celebrate the Ferrari Daytona’s 40th anniversary (though I am not sure it is relavant), Richard races it against James in the XSR 48. No, it is not some epic super car it is in fact the world’s fastest production diesel-powered boat, from Portofino in the Italian Rivera to Saint Tropez in France.

It’s not the most exciting of episodes but still worth a watch.




1. Billy - December 4, 2008

Every modern household requires a carbon fiber toilet I’d say. That and the incredibly dangerous home-operated laser that removes age spots that they sell on TV.

2. annsonn - December 4, 2008

dont forget the V8 blender

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