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The Father of MUD’s Comments on WotLK December 2, 2008

Posted by Lyrah in PC, Random.
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While browsing massively.com, I noticed a certain article that caught my eye. The father of MUD’s, Richard Bartle, commented on his experiences with the new wow expansion. He seems to have a rather pessimistic view regarding WoW, however one thing caught my attention.

He seems to be rather displeased with a certain quest, The Art of Persuasion. He does not like the idea of torturing a prisoner. He was complaining that there was no other option to the quest such as saying no. While a lot of the comments on massively.com regarding this post were not in his favour, I sort of know where he’s coming from.

Games, such as Everquest, allow you to make almost limitless decisions regarding your character. You could be an orc that turned on his homeland and befriended the humans, etc. Reputation decisions and whether or not you should do a quest were part of your characters development. Even though I didn’t role play with other players, I had a general view of what my character would or wouldn’t do. I also had a choice with every reputation or quest whether or not I would be a part of it.

There are good and bad side effects to this sort of game. The good: you can be more creative with your character. The bad: if the wrong faction is chosen, or if you change your mind down the road, that would mean TONS of hours of grinding to reverse your decision. Sure, this emulates real life… but this is a game… which means doing something not fun for fun just doesn’t make sense.

Wow’s take on characters is that you can basically do no wrong. If you make a mistake on your spec, you can respec (at a cost). If you make a mistake on choosing a rep, you can switch easily (such as the Frenzyheart and the Oracles) or the reputation rewards are relatively the same (Aldor vs. Scryers… although that’s arguable). Heck, you can even change your hairstyle and colour. They also don’t really offer you a choice on being a ‘good’ character or a ‘bad’ character through quests.

However, one should note that the quest in question is not REQUIRED to gain access to the Nexus. (Richard Bartle made the mistake in assuming it was). So technically, he could have just not completed the quest if he wanted to have no part in torturing people.

Personally, I’ll do anything for exp and rep… so where’s the prisoner?



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