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Free yourself with Aviary… December 5, 2008

Posted by chan in Design, PC.
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Ever been stuck in this situation: You are away from your computer you need to create a quick mock up of something in Photoshop, whether it is a new LOLcat or what have you, and you come to the realization you have only access to a outdated PC and no Photoshop… Well then, read on…

Aviary Pheonix has arrived to the rescue, but what is it? Pheonix is a Flash based image editing software that runs in your browser no installation required. It seems to be targeted at novice to relatively advanced users and can do most of the things that Photoshop can do. This application could be good for Linux users since there is no real port for Photoshop on Linux other than running it through a Windows emulator like Wine. But regardless, Pheonix is free to use for the time being but it seems that if you want the ease of accessing Aviary’s full suite of web based software and tutorials you will have to sign up for their Pro service which is $9.99 a month. Which isn’t a steep price to pay seeing as Photoshop will run you about $700 either way give it a shot if you got the time. [Aviary]




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