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iTunes Hack FTW… December 6, 2008

Posted by chan in PC.
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Do you own a Laptop that has multimedia keys? Do you wish it could control iTunes while in a game? Here is your answer all in one small post at Everything iTunes instructions after the jump.


First download mmkeys.dll

To use this plugin, simply copy the mmKeys.dll file into your plugins folder.

  • For XP Users: “C:\Program Files\iTunes\Plug-ins”
  • Vista Users: “C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes Plug-ins”
  • Restart iTunes if it was already open.
  • In each case, you have to create this folder if it doesn’t already exist.

It works like a charm and for those Vista users if it still doesn’t work try a full system reboot.



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2. Dave - March 27, 2009

This is great, had one similar, but the mute wasnt working so I switched to this one. IT IS GREAT! mmkeys FTW!!! Thanks a lot!

3. Everything iTunes - August 2, 2009

Hey, cheers for linking to my article, just thought i’d let you know the instructions have been updated, so if you wanna sneakily copy and paste again, (which is fine – of course) it might be an idea to get the latest!

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