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OMGWTFBBQ Metal Gear 5!? December 6, 2008

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I know I am not the first person to post about this but there has been a recent update on Konami’s Metal Gear page and it is simply the splash screen above. What does it all mean? Rumours have been going around trying to decipher what this could potentially translate to console wise. My take after the jump.

First of all the “i”… Well it could imply the DSi but that isn’t coming to North America anytime soon, so maybe the Wii after all there were ports fo the game to the Gamecube before… Another interesting take is it may imply the iPhone is the console of choice in the next installment, which would then become prooving ground for its potential as the next gen gaming platform that it claims it is.

Next the “!” my 2 cents it could be for PSP like in Metal Gear: Ac!d (which was not that good at all so lets hope it is nothing like this)

Finally the power symbol, it could mean that the new Metal Gear is “On” or “Good to go” or could it possibly mean something unprecidented… that the next Metal Gear will arrive for the Xbox 360?!

I personally think that the an iPhone based game is highly plasuible and I hope that it happens, but the Xbox seems more likely… Or is it just that we are thinking too deep and over analyzing? Thoughts?




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