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WonderCon 2009! December 7, 2008

Posted by annson in Conventions.


Scheduled to be on February 27 to March 1, this event will take place in the Moscone Center South in San Francisco, California. WonderCon started in 1987 and it wasn’t until the founders partnered up with the folks at Comic-Con that the convention actually took off. Since then, the convention has gotten previews to trailers and screeners of movies like Spider-man 2, Batman Begins, Superman Returns and 300. Hopefully next years will not disappoint us.

I will be attending this convention because I will be in California because I am an international business man there for an international business trip. Tickets for pre-registration has not started yet, even thought they say it will start this month. But I will keep you guys posted with info for WonderCon and of course the info I get when I’m there. But in the case that any of you are interested in going, airplane tickets are getting really cheap. It’s now only about $450 (Everything included) for a round-trip from Toronto, Canada to San Francisco, and it’ll probably go down more as our economy plummets.




1. Kyle - January 19, 2009

If you or anyone else need a good economical place to stay you could come to the Green Tortoise Hostel. We have dorm beds for $25 and private rooms for $59. We also have dinner 3 nights a week, pub crawls, helpful staff to get you around the city, free internet room and wifi, a sauna, and free breakfast. I am excited about Wondercon myself and hope to meet some great people. Stan Sakai and Jill Thompson should be sweet.


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