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Fullmetal Alchemist Sequel Trailer! December 8, 2008

Posted by annson in Anime, Manga.
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This trailer was shown during this weeksn Mobile Suit Gundam 00.  Fullmetal Alchemist will makes it way back onto TV with SEASON TWO, starting in April 2009. Can’t wait!




1. Jin - December 8, 2008

Continuation after movie?

2. annsonn - December 8, 2008

no idea. doesnt seem so from the trailer.

3. allenwalker00 - January 25, 2009

no, this is not counting the events leading up to the movie. This goes more on the manga i think. I think i read somewhere that the producers didn’t have much of the FMA manga that they decided to make another alternate ending. This has no relation to the last episodes of FMA where it changes drastically from the manga.

I’m so excited to see Edward alive again > < I love the fuckin hottie!!!! but i have to wait till April just like all u girls. We’re dying to see more right?

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