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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep December 18, 2008

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Kingdom Heart’s next installment will be on the PSP, Birth by Sleep is a prequel to the first Kingdom Hearts game and features many previously unexplained plot elements from the original Kingdom Hearts trilogy. This game was confirmed in Japan, “assured” in North America at the 2007 TGS, and is planned to be released in other territories.

Hit the jump for the latest trailer from Jump Festa 2008.


Ever notice that the voice of old people in all animes and games seem like THE SAME GUY?


1. Jen - December 18, 2008

:O … but its… Roxas! .. he’s from the second game…. unless they are showing after the first game but before the second game…. or like… during the end of the first game… :S
orrr …. maybe its something else entirely!!
and yay! king mickey action lol!

anyways, looks awesome!

2. annsonn - December 18, 2008

no its before the FIRST one.. somehow.. i dont get it…

3. Jen - December 18, 2008

Haha thats what i was going to say where i wrote “something else entirely” .. k i have a theory. Probably Roxas is the original and not sora??? who knows ๐Ÿ˜›
I wanna play now…. or at least know the story… watch all the cut scenes LOL.

4. Jin - December 19, 2008

RAME. That means I have to get a PSP.

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