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Street Fighter IV: Collector’s Edition…PS3 FTW December 20, 2008

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Ok, so the information and images for the Street Fighter 4: Collector’s Editons are out and I have to say I think PS3 beats the Xbox360 on this one purely on the basis that the PS3 version will incluse a RYU FIGURE… where as the 360 version will include a… C. Viper figurine, sure whatever “sex sells” blah blah… BUT IT IS RYU!!! *ahem* Anyways more CE details and C.(Appaently it stands for Crimson) Viper bio after the jump.


Crimson Viper

A tough and stylish female agent. She always acts in a business-like manner, with disregard for honour and with no pity for her opponents. She has the menacing ability to draw weapons from anywhere in her suit.

She has been known to maneuver secretly through a variety of locations, but her true identity is shrouded in mystery. She is the epitomy of ‘cool beauty’. Her blood type is AB. (Only 1 in 15 people has that blood type).

But she isn’t just a secret agent; there is another side to her. C.Viper is the loving mother of a girl named Lauren. Those who attended the location tests may remember her win quote. Her winning quote is “I’m glad I finished you off quickly. Now I can get home to see my child before she goes to bed’. A quote that alludes to what is truly most important to Viper.

The things that drive her in life are her daughter, and money. That really shows two very different sides to her personality. At first, those two motivating factors may seem to be complete opposites, but are they really? And what is it she really hates? Overtime. Not completing a job on-time is a complete blow to her pride. And she hates to keep her loving daughter waiting for her return home. There are clearly two things that motivate Viper, and overtime is clearly a problem for both. To be able to balence such a demanding work and home life, she really is an energetic woman. She may well use the slight-of-hand tricks that she has picked up at work, to entertain her daughter at home with magic tricks and the like. [SOURCE] (transtation by La Capone on Shoryuken Forums)

Collector’s Edition: What you get!

  • A copy of the game
  • Limited Edition figurine Ryu for PS3 and C. Viper for 360
  • A Blu-ray copy of Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind – a 65 min animated film for PS3 and for the Xbox360 it comes in the format of a game disc (not playable on a DVD player but hey its still 720p)
  • Prima mini-stratagy guide
  • CD sound track
  • BONUS Exclusive DLC – Details Later

PS3 Version


Xbox360 Version



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