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P for PWN?! January 8, 2009

Posted by chan in Conventions, PC, Technology.
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p_gallery32Sony has finally released details on its much hyped P-series netbook entry at the recent CES convention in Las Vegas, and it is a sexy little thing. Available in 4 colours (Black, White, Red, Green), it will run Vista out of the box, it has an ultra slim profile and sports a 8″ wide screen. All at a low low (remember this is Sony) price of $900 USD what more could you ask for?! Full specs and pictures after the jump.

First of all I personally think it is awesome (can you tell?) I would have considered buying it had I not bought a laptop about 2 months ago, but no matter. As I said this new netbook from Sony will be running Vista 32 bit out of the box, but there is a neat little feature included. There is a pseudo OS that is built in that you can boot into rather than vista if for instance you just want to listen to your music or watch some movies. This secondary OS is Sony’s own XMB (Xcross Media Bar, like the one in the PS3) that will boot “instantly” and will allow you to control your media without booting fully into Vista (or your OS of choice I guess….).

Hard drives will be offered in both standard HDD and Solid State flavours and like always SSD will be…. expensive…. 2GB of DDR2 memory, integrated webcam, Bluetooth, Wireless b/g/n, integrated video, and an 8″ screen capable of 1600×768 (not too shabby). It looks like the only deal breaker is if you actually intend to do things on it other than surf the web and use MS Office… But it definitely gets a star in my book as far as netbooks go…

– chan

[Official Sony Site]



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