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WOeLVERINE! Clever, eh? WOElverine.WOE… in the.. yea… May 20, 2009

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wolverineposterSo I just recently saw X-MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE…and…I’m kind of…in awe, and not really in a good way. For what it is, I guess it was alright: an excuse to see Hugh Jackman in the best shape of his life/show off his muscles. That man is jacked, like its ridiculous. But I think most are there to see the translation from comic to movie, well I know I was.

Basically… it tells the origin of wolverine, duh. So spoiler alert, if you care at all about that sort of thing. So it shows the first appearance of the bone claws at a very young age and him fighting in the world wars and such. So at first  I was kind of put off by it, but then I read the actual comic, and that’s how it is. Which is kind of strange, because if you haven’t read origins, the appearance of the bone claws only happened after Magneto ripped the adamantium out of wolverine. It was thought that the claws only came out due to the slash implanted by the Weapon X project. I guess it makes more sense this way, but even still wolverine never used his claws before weapon x. Another thing… apparently his healing factor “heals” his memory? So any traumatic events that have happened in his life (pretty much his whole life) have been “healed” and so he doesn’t remember them, thus he doesn’t remember his past… That somehow seems flimsy… But that’s not really explained in the movies. In the comics, after every traumatic event, wolverine goes into an intense animalistic state which is not really shown in the movie though they do touch on the animal vs. human theme. Basically the origins movie pretty much disregarded the previous x-men trilogy but more or less remained faithful to the Origins comic series, albiet a condensed state and several changes like Sabretooth.

Other holes/questions:

  • Why didn’t Kayla’s (wolverine’s girlfriend) powers of persuasion work on wolverine/sabertooth? because of their healing factor? maybe…but too flimsy
  • How is Weapon XI still alive after he got his head cut off?
  • Why did Wolverine leave the jail/compound? Then go back when he heard Kayla scream, without his shirt on anymore?
  • Why did Charles Xavier look like a clown child rapist? Sure, to make him look younger to fit the timeline, but really…it was not working for him. at all.

Prequels are terrible, they just milk the franchise until there’s nothing left but a husk of a name that makes you forget why you liked the series in the first place. Then you go and watch the originals and are left still wondering what it was about the franchise that was so good. Yet you can’t help but watch them because you want to know how things got to where they are. A lot of them are terrible (a la star wars and I think I’ll put wolverine in there) and are just … bad movies bet sell well due to the name and some star power. Star Trek however is something else. A reboot if you will, but very well done. However it seems to have lost the nerdiness as my colleague did point out before i watched the film. Which may or may not have affected my opinion, but neverthless, I think so (too). Star Trek has suddenly become cool. Much better than the three starwars prequels. Just thought I’d mention that since I’m on the topic of movies and prequels. It’d be interesting to go to Comiccon this year and see all the trekkies come out and flaunt their obsession.

GOOD… bad…just my two cents on two matters. that makes for a grand total of four cents.

speaking of prequels, terminator is coming out this weekend! which is… actually… a sequel (?) because it’s in the future? or is it actually a prequel because it shows the world before it was taken over by robots and john connor was sent back in time… this whole alternate universe/time traveling thing is too confusing…



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