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Picture of the Day May 20, 2009

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This is for those who read or watch One Piece.  Enjoy.



Hana Yori Dango: Final Movie December 21, 2008

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The DVD was released on December 19th 2008, and the DVD rip and subs are now out! Hit the jump for the download:



Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children COMPLETE December 18, 2008

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For those people who wanted more out of Square Enix’x Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Movie, apparently they are going to be putting out with the COMPLETE movie (Whatever that means) that includes a lot of scenes that were missing (or added in) into the movie. So the movies going to be like 3 hours long probably? Who knows. The movie comes out next year on Blu-ray and Dvd.

Click on the image to get to the trailer. Sorry for the inconvience but WordPress doesn’t allow any embedded vidoes that aren’t from youtube and google video, so lame, and they’re probably never going to change it.


New Dragonball trailer…It doesn’t make it any better December 10, 2008

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It was horrible before, it is horrible now, and it will just be worse as there is news of a sequel already in the makings….

Well atleast Piccolo is green again…but still looks like  a vampire…plus? maybe?


Fullmetal Alchemist Sequel Trailer! December 8, 2008

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This trailer was shown during this weeksn Mobile Suit Gundam 00.  Fullmetal Alchemist will makes it way back onto TV with SEASON TWO, starting in April 2009. Can’t wait!


Can You Say RAPE Eleven Times in a Second? December 4, 2008

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wallDetroit Metal City, frankly I can’t believe nobody has posted this yet. This anime/manga follows the band Detroit Metal City (DMC) which is a quickly rising independent Death Metal band. They garner fame by performing wild live shows and writing songs filled with hate, violence, and rape. The band is fronted by Sōichi Negishi who takes on the stage name Krauser II. On stage he is a wild-unchained beast. Off-stage he is a tranquil, tender-loving person who enjoys Swedish Pop music. He hates himself as Krauser and his two personalities collide making his private life very difficult. The OVA is only 13 Episode long and they are only about 13 minutes each. Hit the jump for more.


Death Note II : The Last Name – in TORONTO December 2, 2008

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Okay so for anyone in Toronto December 3rd (thats tomorrow), several theatres will be showing the sequel to the Death Note live action movie, Death Note II : The Last Name. For a list of theatres showing the movie tomorrow click [here] (more…)

Con-G 2009 December 1, 2008

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‘Yet another anime convention’, you say? But lo and behold, this time it’s in Guelph. You read that right: Guelph.

2009 will be the first year that Con-G is going to be held. From the site:

Con-G 2009 is being held at the Ramada Convention Centre on February 21 and 22.

The location is a lot friendlier than downtown Toronto for those of you stuck in the Tri-City of Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, London, or Hamilton during this time. It does seem to fall on midterm season, though. It’ll also be harder for those crazy folks who like to cosplay since it’ll be quite cold, but hey, you win some, lose some.

Pre-registration is open until January 31, 2009, at $20 for the full weekend pass. Door prices will be $25 for weekend pass, $20 for Saturday only, and $10 for Sunday only. (Listed prices are for age 18+. Minors get a small discount but require a guardian over 18 who also needs to get a full pass.) Artist Alley fee is $5 for one half-table (one chair) on top of the pre-registration pass. I don’t know how many tables will be available, though.

Registration, location maps, and event schedule, and all that good stuff available at the official site: Con-G

Dragonball Z is BACK…kinda… November 28, 2008

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DBZ - 40th Anniversary Special JumpSo as some of you fanboys/girls may know DBZ was at one point published in Weekly Shounan Jump in Japan. Well as a tribute to Weekly Shounan Jump’s 40th Anniversary they have released a NEW episode of Dragonball called “Son Goku and His Friends Return!” Since I don’t want to spoil the details check the clip after the err “Jump”

– chan (more…)

Dattebayo Stops Fansubbing Naruto November 23, 2008

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So as the title suggests, Dattebayo is officially stopping Naruto Shippuden subs. Taken from MangaHelpers.com

“Dattebayo announced today that they will cease fansubbing Naruto Shippuden starting January 15, 2009 due to the availability of the latest episode playing in Japan being offered with subtitles by Viz on Hulu, Joost, Crunchyroll, and Naruto.com. Interacii posted on behalf of the fansubbing group Dattebayo that they will permanently stop fansubbing Naruto with episode 91, which coincidentally is the first episode Dattebayo, known back then as Anime-Heaven, “officially” started subbing Naruto back in July 2004.” Read More Here.

So there you have it. Viz is going to be streaming free english subbed Naruto Shippden episodes on the Naruto.com website. Here’s what Viz’s press release said.

“Beginning on January 15th the latest episode of the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN (English-subtitled) animated series will be available for free viewing on the ultimate destination for anything NARUTO – the official NARUTO website, www.naruto.com, within days of its original airdate in Japan. A new English-subtitled episode will be added every Thursday thereafter.” For more info go to here.

So there you have it boys and girls looks like Viz has finally decided to do something that REAL fans would appreciate. Now if they only did that for manga too then I think life would be good.