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Mansoury Tuned Bugatti Veyron, dubbed Vinsero December 20, 2008

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Abu Dhabi based car dealer has released some interesting images of a previously unannounced Bugatti Veyron Vincero looks really pretty for a beast of a car. What worries me is the price point its already ludicrisly expensive… I mean the site lists the quantity as 3… That is right 3 cars that will be built… Whoever buys this better be seriously rich or  or rediculously stupid… More images after the jump. (more…)


Top Gear Challenges Communism December 8, 2008

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This weeks Top Gear was hilarious, yet oh so interesting as always. They hit a topic that is kind of interesting though, which is regarding the road to a future of Communist cars. I am not a anti-Communist but I have seen and been in these cars first hand… My opinion some are nice to look at most are horrible death traps (Exhibit A: Brilliance BS6 above), but all seem to rip off designs of curent cars, like they put their hand in a had and drew out their parts list. Anyways my 2 cents… This week’s episode is great and worth watching, quick rundown after the jump. (more…)

More Waiting for Gran Turismo 5 … December 3, 2008

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Apparently Gran Turismo 5 is stated to be released stateside in late 2009. Hopefully by Christmas. More tracks and more cars. I hope they really flesh out and expand on GT5 Prologue. As per usual, it will be released in Japan first, so we might find out more before it even hits our shelves. This already bad news comes with more bad news. Gran Turismo Portable for PSP won’t be released until after GT5. So … more waiting anyone ? As if it hasn’t been long enough…

SOURCE (especially the picture)

Classic Italian Icon – The Ferrari Daytona December 2, 2008

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This is your late Top Gear update this week, because I have been busy working on other things but it is here none the less. Now before I spill the details about this weeks show I have a question for the readers, and it is this “Is there still passion built into Italian super cars, or has it been lost in all the BLING?” Episode summary after the jump. (more…)

Random Video – Benz S600 Guard November 30, 2008

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So just checking out the cullen cars on Stephanie Meyer’s website…. thought I’d post this video..  I dunno I thought it was cool  >.>

Has security against bullets, explosions, poisonous gas….


Jaguar the most economical car…..in the World November 24, 2008

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Back again after watching yet another delightful episode of Top Gear if you don’t know what Top Gear is then you should probably take a look at our post last week for a quick review. Anyways this week the boys take a page from the green movement and try to drive from Switzerland to Blackpool, a trip that is a staggering 760ish miles on a single tank of fuel. One of the cars was a Twin Turbo Jaguar… and I am still sitting here confused… More after the jump.


Say Hi to Your Mother for Me November 17, 2008

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So yea, I just finished watching another action packed episode of Top Gear (which for those of you who don’t know what it is, is BAFTA, multi-NTA and International Emmy Award-winning BBC television series about motor vehicles as per Professor Wikipedia) it’s simply insane and outragous this week.

Episode in a nutshell:

  • Richard Hammond goes to Japan to try out Toyota’s i-Real concept “car” the term car is used loosely
  • James May goes to Finland to get racing lessons from two-time Formula 1 champion Mika Häkkinen and then participates in an amateur race in preparation for his first supercar test.
  • Jeremy unveils his Corvette V8 powered food blender… yes children “FOOD” “BLENDER”
  • The guys receive a challenge to modify a normal car to make it beat a Mitsubishi Evo X’s lap time…. yea…

This episode got me thinking I have always wanted to tune a car of my own and priced it out calculated potential performance upgrades and now after watching this I am doubting all the magic in tuning cars… So question is “Is it possible to get racing performance out of a blue collar budget?”