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Star Trek the prettiest movie this year… May 26, 2009

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Well I just watched Star trek for the second time and I gotta say….. It’s that awesome this is probably the best movie you will see this year in my honest opinion. (more…)

WOeLVERINE! Clever, eh? WOElverine.WOE… in the.. yea… May 20, 2009

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wolverineposterSo I just recently saw X-MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE…and…I’m kind of…in awe, and not really in a good way. For what it is, I guess it was alright: an excuse to see Hugh Jackman in the best shape of his life/show off his muscles. That man is jacked, like its ridiculous. But I think most are there to see the translation from comic to movie, well I know I was. (more…)

Resturant Review: Sidecar January 13, 2009

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Last night I had the pleasure of going to Sidecar, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in a long time.  It’s a cozy little restaurant in Little Italy, downtown Toronto.  Even though it was packed to capacity, someone is always there to greet you when you come in and take your coat.  I ordered the Sea Bass, which came with a side of mini potatoes and green beans and the whole thing drizzled with a delightful vinaigrette.  Everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

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Show of the Week: How I Met Your Mother January 7, 2009

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The story revolves around Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his four friends Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) the ultimate womanizer and equally awesome Bro, Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segal) an up and coming lawyer and husband, Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) a kindergarden teacher and futrue Mrs. Eriksen, and Robin Scherbatsky(Cobie Smulders) a struggling news anchor aiming to report from the main newsdesk and also failed Canadian teenage popstar. Clips after the jump. (more…)

Valkyria Chronicles: Review Part One January 7, 2009

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So I am going to be reviewing Valkyria Chronicles a game recently released by SEGA which is exclusive to the PS3. Though you may not have heard much about this game it is a definate must have on the sole basis that it looks and plays beautifully. Like my friend Anson pointed out they have done a horrible job at marketing such a wonderful game. The art work in the game is like that of a painting and it gives it a interesting perspective because essentially as the player you are the reader of the history of this war as you are playing it. The characters are very deep and the voice acting is extensive as there are about 30 characters within the first quarter of the game with voices.

So the story setting is based in a fictional Europe where Eastern European Imperialists and the is that the need for a fuel source called “Ragnite” has now sparked the war between them and the Atlantic Federation. Anyways the story gets deeper and the plot thickens, and you end up following the story of Welkin Gunther and is the son of a war hero from the past war. The second most important character in my opinion if Welkin’s tank named Edelwiess, if you ask why… Well 1 its a tank, and 2 its a TANK. In all seriousness it does actually play a role in the story so I thought it was rather neat.

So I am come about 1/3 of the game and my first impression… Its a great game and is beautifully directed and the combat system is fresh and works very well. The only place where it is somewhat lacking is the gameplay area. Now you may say “WHAT?! it’s a game what could you possibly mean?!” Well put it this way for about every 15-20 min of cutscene there is about 5 min of game play it is just rediculous but I am hoping for it to get better at the end game.

– chan

Games of 2008 December 13, 2008

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First of all I have to say that this year was an amazing year for the gaming community, everyone and I do mean EVERYONE should be have at least one game that they just HAD to buy, and I do mean HAD TO. Every console had its own exclusive titles and they ALL delivered well, minus a few that could have done better but never the less it was all amazing. For those you are looking for Christmas gift ideas in the games department, hopefully this list can help you narrow down those choices.  Hit the jump to start reading.


Dead Space Review: Meh, it was alright December 11, 2008

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I had this sitting game installed on my desktop for a while now but I never got a chance to play it until last weekend. So the developers from EA Redwood Shores in California, have made this 3rd person survival horror action game that was release back in October on the 14th (20th for PC) for the PS3 and xBox360. Apparently there’s a comic for the game as well which acts as a prequel to the game.  Also apparently there’s an animated movie coming out which is also a prequel to the event of the game. Anyways, hit the jump to read more.


Top Gear Challenges Communism December 8, 2008

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This weeks Top Gear was hilarious, yet oh so interesting as always. They hit a topic that is kind of interesting though, which is regarding the road to a future of Communist cars. I am not a anti-Communist but I have seen and been in these cars first hand… My opinion some are nice to look at most are horrible death traps (Exhibit A: Brilliance BS6 above), but all seem to rip off designs of curent cars, like they put their hand in a had and drew out their parts list. Anyways my 2 cents… This week’s episode is great and worth watching, quick rundown after the jump. (more…)

Can You Say RAPE Eleven Times in a Second? December 4, 2008

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wallDetroit Metal City, frankly I can’t believe nobody has posted this yet. This anime/manga follows the band Detroit Metal City (DMC) which is a quickly rising independent Death Metal band. They garner fame by performing wild live shows and writing songs filled with hate, violence, and rape. The band is fronted by Sōichi Negishi who takes on the stage name Krauser II. On stage he is a wild-unchained beast. Off-stage he is a tranquil, tender-loving person who enjoys Swedish Pop music. He hates himself as Krauser and his two personalities collide making his private life very difficult. The OVA is only 13 Episode long and they are only about 13 minutes each. Hit the jump for more.


Room of Kings? December 4, 2008

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Synopsis – From DramaWiki
A game is initiated between nine roommates, and the winner will gain ownership of their luxurious apartment in the Aoyama district. How will the battle unfold between a part-timer, an OL, a gynecologist, a cook, a sylist, movie director and a math wiz? (I know it says nine but that’s all the synopis says and I’m not done watching)

My 2 cents:

The drama so far has been quite enjoying, they do some weird things and its quite funny at times. I would recommend watching it seeing that its only 9 episodes long. But I believe they only have up to episode 5 or 6 subbed right now.