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Yup, we are trend whores…. May 16, 2009

Posted by chan in Phones, Random, Staff, Technology.
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Soooooo…. I just got the blog a trendy and chic new feature…. not so much a feature as much as it is for some fun and some people requested it…

so……WE ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON TWITTER!!!!! follow us by clicking here you may or may not be glad you did.

If you guys have suggestions as to what you want us to “tweet” about put it in the comments.


Can I live here for low rent?..say one blog entry a month? April 28, 2009

Posted by sheoneric in Staff.
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Greetings earthlings and potential friends,

It seems the people have spoken and are receiving what they so clamorously lobbied for: A myth buster, a stunning writer with a real detective’s eye ..for stuff.. and a real go getter. ..

So I basically spent the last few hours trying to come up with a really clever blog name but failed to do so.. .So anyways.

I’m often at a loss for words when given too much time to do anything so please lower your expectations as to the level of sheer blog brilliance in spite of my awesome and thought provoking blogger name. .. Also..I like to type in a very herky jerky type manner.. so even though i keep using these dots… doesn’t mean i don’t know when to end a sentence.. It’s just my styyyle.. also i could probably pass for partial adhd (I’m joking here).

Now.. from my understanding..this is a tech/clothing/music type of blog? Yeah..well I’ll most likely go off on a tangent and you know..talk about
events with which I’ll provide insight initially and .. then just trail off into another topic.

This is getting lengthy..I should probably describe how I know Big Wok..
We met on this magical journey to the land of the far east.. well actually before that at this small cultural center.. but yeah.. after a month of craftsmanship..mainly mine in regards to ribbon manipulation.. I undertook Big Wok as an apprentice and thus he gained immense respect for me..and I for him. At first it was a bit tedious trying to become Wok’s friend as Wok was incredibly snobby and rude whilst drunk (He often yelled at random people in elevators in a crude British accent)..but gradually.. true colors shined through.. He set aside his selfish ambitions and I bestowed upon him..benevolence and grace.. It’s pretty much the whole truth

..And no one really wanted me to blog, I sorta just asked Big Wok … I asked him 6 months ago..

Another opinion of the Noob Effect December 2, 2008

Posted by Lyrah in PC, Staff.
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When it comes to the storyline of games, I do believe that there needs to be some. But I also feel there’s a time and place.

RPG games are just that. ROLE playing games. Those games are “allowed” in my books to have some story. However…. balance must be made to make them short enough, and convey the story well.

Shooter games… I’m sorry, but you are there to blow people up, not watch a drama. Even watching people play Metal Gear Solid 4 was bugging me. This goes with any other action type game like driving games, sports games, fighters, etc… I’m playing them for the ACTION, not for the story.

Timing and coordination games don’t deserve too much story either. These are the games that can be picked up and played just to waste 5-10 minutes. Such as Mario, or Guitar Hero. They are also games that may require a lot of practice to master. So to the developers: Please, stop putting stories in these… 20 min cut scenes just ruin the “quick time sink” factor of these games.

All in all, it is nice to have the general public play games. It makes the hobby more socially accepted. Hopefully those “Video games will rot people’s minds” newscasts will slowly fade away like they did for television. That’s right folks, people used to say way back then the same things about television that they do about gaming.

The best way to combat this problem would be to make the coveted “Insane” mode that actually poses a bit of a challenge. World of Warcraft has incorporated this into some of their raids, as well as Xbox with their achievement system (eek! WoW copied that too…). Guitar Hero also featured the dreaded “Dragon Force” song.

Ah yes! I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Lyrah and I will be blogging here too. I may be busy the next couple of weeks with exams but I will be here regularly bringing WoW news (with a hunter slant).

EDIT: MGS4 is not actually a shooter it is “TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION” you don’t actually need to kill anyone, and it is a great movie… I mean game… And yes folks, we now have not 1 but 3 gamer chicks posting. -chan

Kids on the street! Kids on the beat! December 1, 2008

Posted by epikliu in Random, Staff.

Word on the street is there’s a new memeber of ohFLUX and that’s me, epikliu or you can call me Jon. That works too. I’m probably just going to talk about random things, maybe tv shows, movies, games, hmm what else is there clothes? school?  I don’t know, anything I want! but for now i should probably study for exams. Or not?

Anyways I’m out for now, catch you on the flip side.

– epikliu A.K.A Jon



What the fl…? November 30, 2008

Posted by jeoff22 in Staff.
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Whoa! Finally, my first post!

Howdy, I’m Jeff and I will be posting about anything and everything. I am currently working on a review for the  World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King game, and by working, I mean I can’t stop playing the game to write the review!

So……. *goes back to playing WoW*


Hail to the Chef! November 26, 2008

Posted by Miss Jun in Staff.
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Greetings and salutations, this is my first post on ohFLUX!.  I’m Zena and I’ll mostly be posting about all things food related.  Like some of the other posters, I also play WoW.  I play a Tauren Druid (feral), on Ner’zhul and am currently exploring the wonders of Northrend.

A little introduction…

Obviously I have some interest in cooking!  All of my culinary knowledge comes from shows and books.  I have a whole list of goodies I plan on cooking within the coming months from appetizers to desserts.  Fortunately I live downtown and have access to some great markets (St. Lawrence/Kensington) and great restaurants.  If I could eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant, hands down it would be one of Gordon Ramsay’s.  I also enjoy watching any show with Alton Brown and learning the science behind cooking.

Cookin’ Mama

random fluxing. November 17, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Staff.

so… this… is the blog. how fluxed up is that. I randomly suggested it not too long ago, and here we are, up and running at snail’s pace. I love it. I don’t know what I’m doing here… Probably posting random things: music, sneakers, comics, gadgets, architecture, design, what not. Whatever tickles my fancy. I hope this pans out nicely.

what he said? November 17, 2008

Posted by annson in Staff.
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Hello. and welcome! my name is annson. blah blah you get the point with what chan said. i’ll probably be just here arguing with the_chan because he’s going to complain that things suck which they actually dont. here are in november. as one of the most craziest months for video games. as noted from those who follow Penny Arcade. i DON’T play WoW so for those looking for WoW info and news. too bad, i actually kinda hate game, dont get me wrong the story is good and very rich with stuff. but how the game works just isn’t my cup of tea : P anyways. welcome and yeah. READ US muhahaha.

ohFLUX!?!@ November 17, 2008

Posted by chan in Staff.
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Welcome. one and all to ohFLUX! your source for everything random and hardly exciting. Updates will be plentiful and content will be… dare I say… EPIC… With this said enjoy responsibly I’ll be your host John a.k.a. the_chan and I’ll be around with my partners in crime which will intrduce themselves in due time.

Till then I’ll leave you with the question “What the hell are we gonna talk about?!”