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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children COMPLETE December 18, 2008

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For those people who wanted more out of Square Enix’x Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Movie, apparently they are going to be putting out with the COMPLETE movie (Whatever that means) that includes a lot of scenes that were missing (or added in) into the movie. So the movies going to be like 3 hours long probably? Who knows. The movie comes out next year on Blu-ray and Dvd.

Click on the image to get to the trailer. Sorry for the inconvience but WordPress doesn’t allow any embedded vidoes that aren’t from youtube and google video, so lame, and they’re probably never going to change it.



New Final Fantasy XIII Trailers from DKS3713 December 13, 2008

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I have no idea what DKS 3713 stands for, so if anyone knows please enlighten me. All I know is that its some sort of fan event in Tokyo that’s only for Square Enix? I know sounds pretty crazy, those japanese people sure love Square Enix, A LOT. Anyways, new trailer, looks amazing as usual but I think that FFXIII Versus looks much better, seems like there’s two factions to play and you battle? Square Enix’s attempt at the MMO market? (again?) Luckly that’s going to the xBox 360.  Yes, I’m one of those fanboy whose against it, but I can understand Square Enix wants to make money, and seeing how even the xBox360 is sort of selling in Japan (As it sells but nowhere as much as the PS3) it was a wise choice to do it for the xBox360 as well, try to convert those people in America to get a PS3 I guess.  Hit the jump for the FFXIII Versus trailer.



Dissidia Final Fantasy TGS 2008 Trailer November 28, 2008

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This is probably one of the only games that I’m really excited about thats coming (COMING, not out already) to the PSP. Too bad there’s not enough hot girls in it thought would be nice to play as Rinoa, Tifa, Dagger or Yuna too but oh well, maybe they aren’t ready to release that yet or maybe it’ll be another game? Who knows right?