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Resturant Review: Sidecar January 13, 2009

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Last night I had the pleasure of going to Sidecar, one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in a long time.  It’s a cozy little restaurant in Little Italy, downtown Toronto.  Even though it was packed to capacity, someone is always there to greet you when you come in and take your coat.  I ordered the Sea Bass, which came with a side of mini potatoes and green beans and the whole thing drizzled with a delightful vinaigrette.  Everything was cooked and seasoned perfectly.

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Hail to the Chef! November 26, 2008

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Greetings and salutations, this is my first post on ohFLUX!.  I’m Zena and I’ll mostly be posting about all things food related.  Like some of the other posters, I also play WoW.  I play a Tauren Druid (feral), on Ner’zhul and am currently exploring the wonders of Northrend.

A little introduction…

Obviously I have some interest in cooking!  All of my culinary knowledge comes from shows and books.  I have a whole list of goodies I plan on cooking within the coming months from appetizers to desserts.  Fortunately I live downtown and have access to some great markets (St. Lawrence/Kensington) and great restaurants.  If I could eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant, hands down it would be one of Gordon Ramsay’s.  I also enjoy watching any show with Alton Brown and learning the science behind cooking.

Cookin’ Mama