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Windows 7 Beta Avaliable for Public Download January 8, 2009

Posted by annson in PC, Technology.
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So it was annouced yesterday at Microsoft conference at CES 2009 by Steve Ballmer (Chief Executive Officer) that Windows 7 Beta will be finally available to the public.  That’s right everyone, no more pirating this beta operating system. The beta will be available on Friday, January 9, 2008 on the Window’s Live. Hit the jump for some cool features it comes with too:



MICROSOFT MAKES CLOTHES NOW?! By Common No Less! December 4, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Fashion.
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microsoft-softwear-launch-14So… I am kind of speechless right now. Microsoft+Common=Success? I don’t even know how the parties in question even got to talking, but its happened. Microsoft threw a launch party for their new clothing line with a series designed by Common. Some of them look like recycled ideas from Common’s Universal Mind Control t-shirts, but some are pretty nice. MICROSOFT. They even thought of a clever name for their line… SOFTWEAR. BRILLIANT. DAMN IT. They got their fingers in everything now. What on earth is going on!? I don’t know what to say… Just take a look for yourself… I’m going to bed, my brain just exploded.