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Windows 7 Beta Avaliable for Public Download January 8, 2009

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So it was annouced yesterday at Microsoft conference at CES 2009 by Steve Ballmer (Chief Executive Officer) that Windows 7 Beta will be finally available to the public.  That’s right everyone, no more pirating this beta operating system. The beta will be available on Friday, January 9, 2008 on the Window’s Live. Hit the jump for some cool features it comes with too:



Major Update for Left 4 Dead Very Soon! January 7, 2009

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No world on Valve what this update is going to be about. Maybe a lot of changes. I hope you get to do something if your survivor and you die first, or play as zombies when you die as a special zombie, or even play as the witch or something. Who knows. Maybe a new map, that would be nice, or release tools for like customs map, that would be interesting too. But whatever it is, I can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned for what the update will be, I’ll post as soon as I find out.


Games of 2008 December 13, 2008

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First of all I have to say that this year was an amazing year for the gaming community, everyone and I do mean EVERYONE should be have at least one game that they just HAD to buy, and I do mean HAD TO. Every console had its own exclusive titles and they ALL delivered well, minus a few that could have done better but never the less it was all amazing. For those you are looking for Christmas gift ideas in the games department, hopefully this list can help you narrow down those choices.  Hit the jump to start reading.


Dead Space Review: Meh, it was alright December 11, 2008

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I had this sitting game installed on my desktop for a while now but I never got a chance to play it until last weekend. So the developers from EA Redwood Shores in California, have made this 3rd person survival horror action game that was release back in October on the 14th (20th for PC) for the PS3 and xBox360. Apparently there’s a comic for the game as well which acts as a prequel to the game.  Also apparently there’s an animated movie coming out which is also a prequel to the event of the game. Anyways, hit the jump to read more.