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TERIYAKI BOYZ feat. Pharrell and Chris Brown – Work That December 24, 2008

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CHRISTMAS IS HERE! So is the new single off of the TERIYAKI BOYZ’s new album Serious Japanese due out in January. Once again we see Pharrell on the production side while special guest Chris Brown adds a little soulful crooning. REALLY LITTLE. It’s almost as if he’s not even on the track. When I first heard about it, I was about to shit my pants cuz CB was going to be on a TERIYAKI BOYZ track, but no. It just didn’t happen. There is lots of booty in the video though, albiet flat japanese booty. Its booty nonetheless. I’m actually kind of disappointed. Hopefull the album will bring something more to the table.

Listen to Teriyaki Boyz feat Pharrell and Chris Brown – Work That


Looks Like the Partys at Art Basel Miami! December 4, 2008

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Look how happy Murakami looks. And look at what he’s wearing! He went to the Art Basel in Miami dressed in a full body suit of his own flowery characters. Gotta love a guy who can go to an art show dressed like that. Murakami is definitely one of a kind. Guess who else was at the show? None other than Pharrell, showing off his “Perspective Chair”. I guess its not your ordinary art show. Check out more pictures of Murakami, Pharrell and Hugo!


BBC/Ice Cream Anniversary Tee for New York Flagship Store December 4, 2008

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It has been one year since the opening of the BBC/Ice Cream Shop in New York City and to celebrate, an anniversary t-shirt is being released. So far one has been released and sold out in a matter of minutes. Just look at the line up! A second anniversary tee is being released on December 5th at 11am.! I’d go but it’s so damn far. Hit the jump to see Pharrell in all his glory sporting these coveted items.