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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008 : Glamour is Back December 19, 2008

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Just finished watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that aired on December 3, 2008 on CBS. Loved it even though some of the outfits (I actually want to say costumes here) were a bit out there. Let’s just say it involved wings, glitter, Usher, flowers and lots of attractive women. Yes it says Usher, he does a Live performance for the ladies of Victoria’s Secret.

SO PRETTY!    haha, I apologize for the girliness getting out of me 😉

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Japanese Monsters On Your Shoes! December 15, 2008

Posted by bigwok in Sneakers.
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The Japanese Monster Pack from Puma pays homage to the classic japanese monsters of the 1950-1970s. These monsters are reborn in the shoe through the materials and colours. Boy do they ever. Reincarnated in the forms of the Puma First Rounds, Clydes, Stepper, and Puma mid, these are very detailed shoes and are a must have for monster lovers. People who love monsters… I mean… are…uh… fans of monsters. I think this gets a sexy tag. Jump for more sexy pictures.


Sagawafuji Sexy Glasses. I Just Got Wood. HAHA! December 11, 2008

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WOW. Maybe I just have a thing for objects made of wood, but these are seriously sexy. Being an avid glasses wearer slash I’m afraid to wear contacts, these glasses are exactly what I was looking for when I bought these. Too bad these didn’t come out sooner, or else I definitely would’ve gotten them one way or another. Hit the jump for more details.


Adidas x Jeremy Scott (JS WINGS) (One for the ladies) December 2, 2008

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So far I’ve basically been posting shoes for guys and this is probably one of the rare times I wish I was a girl I will be blogging about footwear for women. These shoes are so awesome. They’re gold. They have wings. What else do you want? They also come in white. This is also just one of the sneakers done by Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Check out the rest after the jump.


ASUS EcoBook Laptops Good for the Environment, Not So Much Your Wallet. December 1, 2008

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So maybe many of you don’t remember, but around this time last year, ASUS revealed a concept laptop that was clad in bamboo. Now that concept is a reality. Coming in a 12.1″ and 11″ formfactors, this badboy went on sale at the Taiwan IT Month exhibition on Saturday running at about NT$59,900. That’s about $1800USD for you foreign currency impaired readers us here in North America. Looks sexy enough, but with the relatively high price tag, I’m not sure if its worth it. However Asus isn’t known to be frugal with their specs, so here comes the nerdy part…specs! AFTER THE JUMP! (more…)