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m-flo inside -WORKS BEST III- May 20, 2009

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Japan hip-hop duo m-flo (MC VERBAL and DJ Taku) continues its m-flo inside series with the third installment, m-flo inside -Works Best III-, released three years after the last entry. The compilation album comes in a jam-packed double-disc set. Disc 1, the Works Best CD, contains a selection of other artists’ works with m-flo’s participation, such as BoA’s UNIVERSE (“KOZM” REMIX) featuring Crystal Kay & VERBAL, EXILE’s SUPER SHINE featuring VERBAL, and TERIYAKI BOYZ’s I still love H.E.R. featuring Kanye West. Disc 2, the Mix CD, is Taku’s nonstop mix of some of the best DJ remixes of m-flo’s works. 

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TERIYAKI BOYZ feat. Pharrell and Chris Brown – Work That December 24, 2008

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CHRISTMAS IS HERE! So is the new single off of the TERIYAKI BOYZ’s new album Serious Japanese due out in January. Once again we see Pharrell on the production side while special guest Chris Brown adds a little soulful crooning. REALLY LITTLE. It’s almost as if he’s not even on the track. When I first heard about it, I was about to shit my pants cuz CB was going to be on a TERIYAKI BOYZ track, but no. It just didn’t happen. There is lots of booty in the video though, albiet flat japanese booty. Its booty nonetheless. I’m actually kind of disappointed. Hopefull the album will bring something more to the table.

Listen to Teriyaki Boyz feat Pharrell and Chris Brown – Work That

Kan Takagi feat. Lupe Fiasco, Verbal and ANIBOSE – T.I.M.E. December 15, 2008

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This track was released last year as part of the G-Shock 25th Anniversary Soundtrack. I just found out about it recently and I am liking it a lot. Especially Lupe’s verse. I think he has a slight advantage because he’s the only one I can understand, but overall this is good stuff. Mp3? Yes please.

Listen to Kan Takagi feat Lupe Fiasco, Verbal and ANIBOSE – T.I.M.E.