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Insert cheesy Wave pun here May 29, 2009

Posted by Jin in Technology.
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Google WaveGoogle’s up to their crazy antics again. This time, they’re taking the concepts of online collaboration and instant messaging and combining them all into one. Think Google Docs and Gmail/Google Talk all in one or something as equally insane. As Google would tell you:

A “wave” is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

I could explain all the insane features, but I think the developers would do a better job. In fact, they do it in a 1h:20m video. Hint: Skip to 1:12:44 for some really crazy stuff.

You can also sign up to be a beta tester, or just be notified when they’re ready to release the Wave. The full video and features and all that fancy stuff can be found on Google’s official Wave site.

Official Google Blog: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/went-walkabout-brought-back-google-wave.html

Google Wave: http://wave.google.com/


Free yourself with Aviary… December 5, 2008

Posted by chan in Design, PC.
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Ever been stuck in this situation: You are away from your computer you need to create a quick mock up of something in Photoshop, whether it is a new LOLcat or what have you, and you come to the realization you have only access to a outdated PC and no Photoshop… Well then, read on… (more…)

Un-Twitter in Canada November 30, 2008

Posted by Jin in PC.
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For those of you who Twitter and live in Canada, you may have noticed that, disappointingly, the option of having Tweets sent to your mobile device via SMS is no longer available.

According to the official Twitter blog, their contract with Canadian wireless carriers has become too expensive for operations. I have a sneaking suspicion the conversion rate might have a part in this, but what do I know? I’m not an econ or business major.

Personally, I’ve only ever used the outgoing to update my Twitter using the 21212 short-code since I don’t like to be spammed with random text messages to my phone, but it still is a little disappointing that the option is no longer there at all. After all, the ability to receive updates on a mobile is one of the best features of using Twitter.

Hopefully in the near future, Twitter will be able to come to an agreement with the Canadian carriers and get this feature back into place.

Source: Twitter Status – Canadian SMS Service