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Stan Bush – The Touch Comes to Guitar Hero May 28, 2009

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That’s right guys, THE Transformers theme song is NOW avaliable on Guitar Hero. And guess what? It’s FREE. 

At least Activision didn’t give us THIS version. Knowing them they could of done it if they wanted to.


Guitar Hero III: Back Stage Pass January 15, 2009

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C’MON ALREADY. Acti-Blizzard has gone mad with these Guitar Hero games. Bringing it to the DS wasn’t a great idea, but it wasn’t that bad either. Then there that toy in the cereal box. Okay, fine, I’ll give you that one too because it’s not technically your doing, though you gave the license to use the name. But now this? C’mon already, it’s not even Guitar Hero, you playing DDR with your character and handing out flyers to people. This is not right. Somebody please stop them.


*EDIT: I just watched it again and noticed something, OVER 25 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY? WHAT?

Games of 2008 December 13, 2008

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First of all I have to say that this year was an amazing year for the gaming community, everyone and I do mean EVERYONE should be have at least one game that they just HAD to buy, and I do mean HAD TO. Every console had its own exclusive titles and they ALL delivered well, minus a few that could have done better but never the less it was all amazing. For those you are looking for Christmas gift ideas in the games department, hopefully this list can help you narrow down those choices.  Hit the jump to start reading.


Completely Insane or a True Hero?! You Decide… November 30, 2008

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For those of you who don’t notice he is not playing Guitar Hero 3: World Tour this is simply Guitar Hero 3…and there is no drums in GH3 so how does it work?! Well first of all this is a custom setup and I am utterly speachless. Just watch it for yourself…. Jeff he just raised the bar…

Want to do this yourself you say?! Well you can check out his site here.


Guitar Hero World Tour November 21, 2008

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Where do you even begin to start with this game? So Activision has decided to join into the “full band” experience so that they can stay in the game with Rock Band doing so well and having a sequel. The game and its instrument bundles came out on all platforms on October 26, 2008. With rock band doing so well in the race is there even hope of guitar hero catching up? (more…)